IT Management Services

When problems occur, you need support quickly to get you up and running again. Blue Coast Networks, Inc. offers remote support services for our clients. This means you are only a phone call away from immediate support. Getting your business running again is our priority.

Server Report

We utilize secure VPN connections to connect to your office. When a new vulnerability is issued, we take proactive steps to secure your network by immediately assessing the patch and installing when appropriate.

Securing the Local network requires more than a simple router or firewall to secure your external internet connection. There are many unique situations where even today's best security appliances have trouble adapting. Road Warriors are a particularly difficult group to secure due to their limited access to the corporate network. They might be away for weeks at a time, how can you ensure their machine was not infected before returning home? NAC is the answer, this technology allows an agent to inspect the laptop before it is allowed on the network. If the machine is not current on patches or anti-virus it is placed in an un-trusted network to allow the proper updates to be applied before being granted access to the primary network.

Blue Coast Networks Remote Support

IT Management:

  • Remote Monitoring & Support
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Disaster Planning
  • Network Documentation
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