Security Tips

Useful Resources

These are some useful resources that may help you better understand the technology you may utilize at your office. Today's networks involve a number of features to provide the right balance of security and ease of access.

Security is a complex topic. Securing a computer is easy, turn it off. Providing remote services while maintaining a balanced security matrix becomes more difficult.

Let Blue Coast Networks, Inc. provide you with a tested plan for keeping your network secure. Every business is unique and no one security plan fits every business. We tailor network security to your business needs. This allows you the flexibility of remote access, Smart Phone integration, and ease of communication.

Security is a major concern is most corporations today. Small businesses are are equally at risk due to the large number of breaches that originate from within the company. Securing your data requires an attention to detail and the proper controls to ensure employees only have access to the areas that they work in.
  • Keep the Administrator password secure.
  • Know who is accessing sensitive data
  • No system is secure when physical access is open
  • Security is an ongoing task
  • Have a signed code of conduct for employees & computer usage
  • proper router and firewall setup can reduce your companies liability
  • Security breaches are expensive and often result in negative press