NOD32’s advanced heuristics-based approach uses a combination of heuristic techniques, including emulation and virtualization, to detect and block threats before they’re released. This thorough safeguard provides unmatched proactive protection.

  • Approximately 80% of threats detected by NOD32 are detected heuristically, including variants of MyDoom, Netsky, Bagle and Mytob
  • Record holder of the VB 100 award and the only antivirus product which has not missed an In-The-Wild virus sample since May 1998
  • The leader in Advanced+ awards from


With NOD32, it’s not necessary to sacri ce speed for detection. Scanning and update processes happen behind the scene without a perceptible decrease in performance.

  • 40MB/sec scanning rate under Windows® XP Professional, 64-bit, Edition (source: Virus Bulletin, Dec. 2006),
  • Three-times faster than Symantec and Kaspersky, four-times faster than McAfee under Microsoft® Windows Vista Business Edition (32-bit) (source: Virus Bulletin, Feb. 2007)


NOD32 conserves resources on disk and in memory, leaving more room for critical applications. It is compact enough to run on modest systems, saving valuable memory without compromising performance or functionality, yet powerful enough to slam the door on malware intrusions.

  • Utilizes approximately 22MB of RAM, one of the smallest packages in the industry
  • Low RAM usage and intelligent caching reduces disk access and memory paging
  • Low 4% performance overhead (source: Canon/ESET testing August 2006)
NOD32 Missed Viruses in the Wild Comparison Chart
NOD32 VB 100 comparison chart